Born (1940) to working class parents
who experienced Terre Haute’s
General Strike (1935).


He has undergraduate and graduate degrees from
Indiana University. In 1960, he hitchhiked across Europe,
North Africa and Russia working on farms,
writing feature stories for the Terre Haute Tribune.
Returning home, he chaired the student-faculty committee that founded
the Eugene V. Debs Foundation for Socialist History and Thought.

The next year, he was indicted under the
Indiana Anti-Subversive Act as an officer
of the Young Socialist Alliance and faced two to six years imprisonment.
An International Defense Committee was formed; Bertrand
Russell Chairman, convened Norman Mailer
and Malcolm X on the east coast;
film actor Sterling Hayden on west coast.
Hayden had been an OSS operative who fought with
Resistance fighters against Hitler.

‘Meeting Tom, his compliment was, “America is becoming an ‘Occupied Country’, but I’ve met a young man from Indiana convincing me there are pockets of resistance.” Tom Morgan’s life and writing continue that resistance..’